Editors: Consol Blanch i Colat and Pere Grapí i Vilumara

The book collection Clàssics de la Química (Chemistry Classics) was launched in 2004 with the paper L’àtom i la molècula (The Atom and the Molecule) by Gilbert N. Lewis and the publication itself was edited by Josep Castells i Guardiola. The collection covers scientists who have been especially relevant in their field of study and it includes an aspect or discovery that has proved to be hugely important during their career and has had an impact on the future of chemistry.

The aim of this collection is to present to Catalan-speaking chemists a host of published texts (particularly in scientific journals) addressing key ideas that have revolutionised chemistry and have become vital to the understanding of this field.

Every volume is written in Catalan, our language, and incorporates three major chapters:

  1. The biography of the scientist, as well as the historical and scientific context in which they have pursued their important contribution to chemistry.
  2. The foremost paper produced during the scientist’s career: the original article, the Catalan translation and a critical discussion of the article by the author of the book.
  3. References: a complete list of all papers written by the scientist in question.

The books in the collection are published annually and are distributed free of charge to all Catalan Society of Chemistry members.

All the published materials can be found on the Portal de publicacions de l’IEC.