European Chemical Society

EuChemS has adopted Ethical Guidelines for

 Publication in Journals and Reviews. The publication of scientific research in journals is one of the fundamental ways in which the chemistry societies of EuChemS serve the chemical science communities. Central to this service is the understanding that editors, authors and referees have to maintain high ethical standards relating to the publication of manuscripts in scientific journals.

EuChemS Divisions

The scientific Divisions and Working Parties enhance networking in their own fields of expertise and promote collaboration with other European and international organizations. The Divisions and Working Parties organize high quality scientific conferences in chemical and molecular sciences and interdisciplinary areas.

At present the SCQ participates in the following Professional Networks:


Division of Analytical Chemistry, Romà Tauler

Division of Chemical Education, Aureli Caamaño and Josefina Guitart

Division of Chemistry and Energy, Jordi Llorca

Division of Chemistry and the Environment, Sílvia Lacorte

Division of Chemistry in Life Sciences, Antoni Planas

Division of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Mercè Deumal

Division of Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Nora Ventosa

Division of Inorganic Chemistry, Guillem Aromí

Division of Organic Chemistry, Anton Vidal

Division of Organometallic Chemistry, Montse Diéguez

Division of Physical Chemistry, Laura Masgrau

Working parties, EYCN

Working Party on Chemistry for Cultural Heritage, Anna Vila

Working Party on Formulation in Chemistry, Jordi Esquena

Working Party on History of Chemistry, Pere Grapí

European Young Chemists’ Network, Benjamí Oller

For further information, please contact the person responsible for each area.

In the future, we will take new actions to participate in:

Division of Food Chemistry

Division of Nuclear and Radiochemistry

Division of Solid State and Materials Chemistry

Working party on Ethics in Chemistry

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