As a subsidiary scientific society of the Institute for Catalan Studies, the Catalan Society of Chemistry strives to promote any activity related to chemical sciences.

Its members altruistically contribute to the achievement of these aims by making financial contributions and also by taking part in the activities promoted by the society.

In light of the scientific nature of the society, many of our members are scientists who actively work in the sphere of chemistry in Catalonia.

Teaching and education are also paramount to the society. Indeed, a large body of our members are linked to these fields at both university and secondary education levels. Nevertheless, our society welcomes everyone from chemistry professionals to students, and all parties with a curiosity for this field of science.

If you are interested in contributing to the promotion of chemistry in Catalonia, do not hesitate to become a member.

The registration fee costs 40 euros per year for regular members and 20 euros for students. In order to join the society, please complete the form and send the direct debit bank authorisation to:





Why is it worthwhile being a member of the society?

Quite simply, you will be joining one of the most active scientific societies in Catalonia and indeed one of the most prominent societies of EuCheMS, the international society promoting collaboration among the foremost chemistry societies of Europe.

Moreover, our members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Subscription to the EduQ journal, the foremost journal concerning chemistry teaching drafted in Catalan;
  • Access to the e-publication Revista de la Societat Catalana de Química;
  • Active participation in all activities organised by the Catalan Society of Chemistry.